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Whether your student needs help with math, science, english, foreign language, history, or learning the English language, Ivy Prep has you covered. At a minimum, every Ivy Prep academic tutor has an undergraduate degree and two years of experience tutoring or teaching their subject of expertise. Typically though, our academic tutors have five to ten years of experience, and many hold either Masters or Doctorate degrees. Ivy Prep’s Founder, James Caldwell, got his start in education as a writing tutor over fifteen years ago in 2006.

Math and Science
Math and science are two of the subjects that families reach out to Ivy Prep for the most. Whether it’s a middle school introduction to algebra class, AP Calculus, or honors chemistry, the Ivy Prep team is here to help. Your student is not alone if they are having trouble in math or science, and their struggles can be easily remedied with a little help from a tutor. All we ask of your student is that they bring a positive attitude to their sessions and our tutors can help them with the rest!
English and History
English and history classes often present challenges to students in the amount of essay writing that each class requires. Analytical writing can be a daunting task, but Ivy Prep tutors are here to help! Our tutors are also experts in topics like grammar, reading comprehension, and specific history topics such as western civilization and American history.
Foreign Language and ELL
Learning foreign languages and learning the English language as a non-native speaker are both incredibly challenging endeavors. Each Ivy Prep language tutor is fluent in their language of expertise, and has a natural ability to help students learn how to communicate in their non-native language. Fill out the form below and let our expert tutors start helping your student today!

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