English Language Learners

ELL stands for English Language Learners. These are any students for whom English is not their first and primary language. The goal of ELL tutoring is to help a student become proficient or fluent in English as quickly as possible. For young ELL students attending school in the United States, there are numerous advantages to mastering English. Not only do better English skills help in class, they also help with social development. Later on in life, being fluent in English will also open more doors as those same students enter the workforce. ELL students have a very particular set of needs, and Ivy Prep tutors are experts at helping ELL students succeed.

The Difference Between ESL and ELL

ESL stands for English as a Second Language, while ELL stands for English Language Learners. If you are more familiar with the term ESL, it may simply be because that term has been around for longer. ESL is a more specific term though. One of the main distinctions is that ESL typically refers to specific language programs that receive federal funding and have certain license requirements for the instructors. ELL is a more general term that applies to any student in any class for whom English is not their first and primary language.

ELL Tutors for All Ages!

English is the most commonly spoken language in the world, and it’s not just K-12 students who benefit from mastering English. Adults from around the world can benefit both professionally and socially from improving their English Language skills. Ivy Prep has tutors who have years of experience working with young ELL students, and we also have tutors who specialize in assisting adults. Whether it is you or your student who would like help mastering the English Language, fill out the form below and let Ivy Prep’s team of expert tutors start to help you out today!

Mastering the English Language

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