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Ernest Hemingway once said “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” Even for an American who speaks English fluently as their native language, the challenges presented in English classes can be difficult to grapple with. Ivy Prep English tutors are artful and diligent in their approach to helping students handle these difficulties. Whether it is essay writing and composition, analyzing literature, or properly mastering the rules of grammar, Ivy Prep has your student covered.


A key building block for any professional or academic occupation, writing and composition teach the importance of writing succinctly, persuasively, and grammatically correct. Ivy Prep tutors teach students the fundamentals of constructing a well-crafted essay. From idea generation and brainstorming, to outlining and forming arguments, or sentence structure and style, our tutors are experts at patiently explaining the craft of essay writing.


Grammar is the backbone of language and the structure by which the written word is coded. At times seemingly scientific, students often struggle with the rules and technicalities of grammar. Ivy Prep’s staff of expert grammar tutors help to break down sentence structure to a near molecular level, leaving students with a clear blueprint of writing fundamentals.


It is quite common for students to struggle with literary analysis at all levels, particularly freshman year and as they enter AP classes. At Ivy Prep, we place a major emphasis on developing critical thinking as a foundational tool. Once a student has acquired the ability to analyze literature and properly construct and destruct sentence structure and vocabulary, acing English becomes a much more manageable task.

Los Angeles’ Elite English Tutors

If your student’s grades are faltering in English class, it is likely bringing their confidence down as well. Fortunately, Ivy Prep is here to help. Our English tutors can turn essay writing, literary analysis, and grammar into topics that your student will thrive with.

Give Ivy Prep a call at (866) 266-0072 and let us help your student find success in English class today!

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