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At Ivy Prep, one of the subjects our students often struggle with the most is mathematics. Whether your student is in 7th grade taking Pre-Algebra or they are a Senior in high school taking AP Calculus, math can be a struggle for any student. At Ivy Prep, we have tutors who are fluent in math at all levels (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, and Pre-Calculus through AP Calculus) and can communicate its subtleties with ease.


Even if your student didn’t have trouble with Pre-Algebra, we are never surprised to see Ivy Prep students develop problems with Algebra 1. At this level, Math supersedes mere equations and becomes more like a language! Deep understanding and fluid thought process become more and more relevant, and the further down the path they go, the more vital this understanding of the concepts becomes. It is immensely important to make sure that the student grasps the subject early on, rather than waiting too far down the line to ask for help.


The introduction to really tough Math, Algebra 2 is often where the future of a students’ Math trajectory is set. Since multivariable equations and factoring that must be conceptualized rather than memorized, this is a subject whose mastery is necessary for Calculus. As a great deal of emphasis is placed on these skills in Calculus, it is very important to prepare Ivy Prep Algebra 2 students for success.


Just as your student begins to understand the complexities of Algebra, they can be hit hard with Geometry. This, unfortunately, is a subject that not only requires comprehension, but also memorization. With proofs and theorems that hold true through advanced Math, this is a subject that can require help from Ivy Prep’s most experienced tutors.


Pre-Calculus is the introduction to the most advanced discipline of high school Math. Without the proper preparation in Pre-Calculus, Calculus can be anywhere from a nightmare to a class that won’t even be on their transcript! Let us help prepare your student to have the most prestigious Math subject on their high school course list.


The pinnacle of high school Math, and such an important subject for students bound for elite colleges, this is the one of our most common requests for help, and Ivy Prep tutors are well-equipped to provide it! Calculus is its own language and its own science, as well as its own Math. How do equations become three dimensional volumes and how are those volumes turned back into equations? Our parents often love to help their students with Math, but many become lost with Calculus, and we don’t blame them. It’s a job for the experts, and Ivy Prep has a team of tutors that consider this subject a second language


The aim of statistics is to extract meaning from data. A specialized course that introduces techniques for visualizing relationships in data and systematic techniques for understanding relationships using mathematics. Increasingly popular in high school curriculums, students are expected to apply mathematics concepts to real-world scenarios!

Mastering Mathematics

Don’t worry for even a moment if your student is struggling in math class. Ivy Prep’s team of ace tutors is here to help.

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