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Schools today offer an abundance of foreign language options for your student to choose from, but the most common options are Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Latin. Each language has its own challenges and nuances, and each one can be difficult for any student to master. At Ivy Prep, our team of elite foreign language tutors are here to help your student overcome those challenges and find success in any language that they choose to enroll in.


The second language of our flagship city of Los Angeles, as well as the primary language for much of the western hemisphere, Spanish is often the first choice for foreign language amongst high school students. With so much nuance and so many exceptions to standard rules, Ivy Prep tutors are well-acquainted with the complex process of learning the language Spanish. As with all languages, we stress discipline and confidence building when mastering the Spanish language.


Perhaps the most burgeoning modern language, Mandarin is an incredibly relevant and challenging subject for Ivy Prep students. With nearly nothing in common with English, Mandarin requires dedication, discipline, and incredible patience. Ivy Prep’s fluent Mandarin tutors will help your student master this difficult but highly relevant language!


While one of the most beautiful languages on the planet, French is not without its difficulties. At Ivy Prep, we have tutors on staff who are fluent in the French language with many years of experience teaching it to students, and we would love to help your young Francophile-in-training. Mastering French involves disciplined focus on verb tenses and conjugations, accents, idioms, and memorization. Above all though, learning a new language requires practice, practice, and more practice. Ivy Prep’s elite French tutors will have your student saying “mais oui!” in no time!


While some may call Latin a frozen language, Ivy Prep considers it very much alive in our students’ curriculums. Latin offers a backbone to all the romance languages, and it has distinct applicability in law and medicine. At Ivy Prep, we have multiple Latin tutors on staff who are not only fluent in the language, but also excel in the history of the subject, setting us apart and offering your student the utmost in attention to detail on the subject.

Mastering the Languages of the World

Whether your student is studying Spanish, Mandarin, French, or Latin, Ivy Prep’s team of expert tutors is here to help. Let our team’s combined decades of experience put you and your student’s worries at ease as we navigate you through the complex world of foreign languages.

Give Ivy Prep a call at (866) 266-0072 and let us help your student find success in their foreign language class today!

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