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Standardized test prep is most effective when it focuses on real learning instead of tricks and gimmicks. Our test prep tutors use deliberate plans of action individually tailored to each of our students’ unique needs.
The GMAT is the primary test for applying to business school, while the GRE can be used for many different types of graduate programs. While some students find success on these tests naturally, most students look to either a test prep course or a private tutor for help, and for good reason! An Ivy Prep GMAT course regularly improves test scores by 30 points or more.
The ACT and the SAT are the two primary college entrance exams. While some schools don’t require a standardized test score, most colleges and universities require applicants to submit a score from one of these two tests. Students typically take one of these tests during the Spring semester of their Junior year, the Fall semester of their Senior year, or during the Summer in between. While some students take the test only once, many take it two or three times in order to improve their score. Ivy Prep ACT and SAT courses and private tutors can help your student achieve their standardized testing goals!
The ISEE is a standardized test used as part of the admissions process at many independent and magnet schools around the United States for grades 2 through 12. Similar to the ACT and SAT, the ISEE focuses on verbal, reading, math, and essay writing skills. This test score can be a crucial element in your student’s school application, so fill out the form below and let an Ivy Prep tutor start helping your student improve their score today!

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