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The same students who had fun in history class in Middle School often find themselves struggling in history classes at the high school level. World history classes cover such a broad scope of material and often require immense amounts of memorization. United States history, while still covering quite a bit of scope, often goes even deeper and gets even more analytical. With the numerous challenges involved in these classes, it is no wonder why so many parents reach out to Ivy Prep for help with their student’s history grades. Our team of expert history tutors not only command a broad and deep understanding of the material, they also have years of experience in the field which allows them to communicate the material with ease.


The story of our own country’s great history is often a joy to some and a challenge for many. At Ivy Prep, we emphasize critical thinking in addition to memorization techniques in order to master the many details and storylines of US History.

When determining how past events transpired and their relevance today, it’s pivotal to not only know what happened but also have the analytical skill set to decipher its historical and cultural significance.


As this class is further reaching and spans the globe, students often struggle even more with World History than they do with U.S. History. The people and places hold less immediate significance to their everyday lives, and it can be difficult for American students to relate. In addition to critical thinking and memorization, this subject requires a knowledge of unfamiliar geography and new cultures, culminating in a wealth of information to be learned for each test. In order to ease the burden, we suggest the creation of a long term study plan on this subject in order to ensure success and avoid a last minute cram session.

Helping Your Student Succeed in History

If your student is struggling in history, Ivy Prep and its team of elite history tutors are here to help. Our team will ensure that your student’s confidence in class and their grades on their report are each bound to improve.

Let the expert tutors at Ivy Prep guide your student to success in history by calling (866) 266-0072 today!

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