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Let Ivy Prep take the stress out of preparing your student for his or her college entrance exams! Many colleges and universities require that applicants submit either an ACT or an SAT score as part of their application. While these tests can seem like a daunting challenge, Ivy Prep’s team of elite ACT tutors is here to help! Each of Ivy Prep’s ACT tutors has at least three years of experience teaching the material to students and is a master of their craft. In just a few short weeks, your student can be on the path to ACT success!

The ACT at a Glance

While college admissions standardized testing was once dominated by the SAT, today nearly as many students now opt to take the ACT. The ACT comprises four sections: Reading, English, Math, and Science. There is also an optional Writing section that Ivy Prep recommends each student take.

The English section is 75 questions and students have 45 minutes to complete them. This section tests students on their knowledge of written English, including topics such as grammar, usage, and punctuation. The Reading section is 40 questions long and students have 35 minutes to finish. Students are tested on their reading comprehension skills such as finding the central meaning of a passage. The Math section is 60 questions and 60 minutes long. While students are tested on a wide variety of topics, such as Algebra, Geometry, and Functions, many consider ACT Math to be slightly easier and more teachable than SAT Math. Finally, there is the Science section, which contains 40 questions and takes 35 minutes. Many students choose not to take the ACT because they are nervous about the Science section. Don’t let this happen to your student! The Science section is actually much more like a reading comprehension section. It tests a student’s ability to interpret scientific passages and tables, but requires very little actual scientific knowledge. The “optional” Writing section is an essay that takes 40 minutes to complete. At Ivy Prep, we always advise students to take this section since many schools require it.

Should My Student take the ACT or the SAT?

The answer to this question really depends on the learning style of your student and what skills he or she is best at. In general, if a student is less strong at math, we advise them to take the ACT. The Math section on the ACT doesn’t go quite as in depth as the SAT, and we find the material to be more teachable for students who don’t excel at math.

If your student is nervous about the Science section on the ACT, tell them not to worry about it! At Ivy Prep, we actually think the Science section is the easiest and most teachable section. It requires very little scientific knowledge, and is really much more like a reading comprehension section. If you and your student are having trouble deciding which test to take, an Ivy Prep team member would be more than happy to help walk you through the decision making process!

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