Mastering Science with Ivy Prep

At Ivy Prep, our team of elite science tutors not only know how to communicate complex topics with ease, they know how to make it enjoyable. Science is fun! You may have a difficult time getting your child to believe that, but Ivy Prep is here to help with that. Elaborate chemical equations or topics like electricity and magnetism are often difficult enough to give anyone a headache, whether they’re a teenager or a grown adult. Whether it is Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, Ivy Prep’s expert tutors know how to navigate these topics with ease though.


The study of life! A fascinating, and oftentimes hands-on class, Biology can be very intriguing to the High School student but also laden with complex detail and constant categorization. This is a subject which requires immersion into the whole structure in order to truly grasp the concepts, as the world and its living organisms are so closely interconnected. Regardless of your student’s challenges, our tutors excel in Biology and are ready to help.


From the periodic table to stoichiometry and beyond, Chemistry is a fascinating subject that is a challenge for many Ivy Prep students. This is a specialty subject that requires not only discreet knowledge, but also a deeper understanding, and often a professional tutor. We regularly see students who become frustrated or despondent by Chemistry, and our tutors counter that with an emphasis on confidence, discipline, and creative study strategy.


The most mathematical of the science courses, this is a subject with practical implications that span far outside the classroom and into everyday life. It’s a pivotal course for students to engage fully and understand, regardless of their disciplines down the line. Ivy Prep’s Physics tutors are immensely talented and eager to answer all of your student’s questions, from force and motion to electro-magnetism.

Solving Science

If your student is despondent over their science grades, let Ivy Prep’s team of expert tutors turn their scores and their confidence around. Regardless of whether it’s Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, Ivy Prep has a tutor who is a perfect match for your student.

Give us a call today at (866) 266-0072 and let us help your student start solving their science challenges today!

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