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Excelling on the GMAT requires hard work, dedication, and strategic preparation. For ambitious Brentwood students seeking a thorough GMAT prep program to earn an acceptance letter from elite schools like Wharton or Harvard, look no further than Ivy Prep. After opening our doors in 2013, Ivy Prep now partners with schools and institutions around Los Angeles, having implemented nearly twenty proprietary programs for the GMAT, SAT, ACT, and beyond.

The tutoring team at Ivy Prep doesn’t focus on ineffective strategies like memorization. Instead, we assist our GMAT students with the learning process as a whole, equipping them with the critical skills needed to excel in the nation’s top business schools. The success of our Brentwood students is paramount to everything that we do, and the amount of personalized attention that Ivy Prep directs toward that goal is unmatched by our competitors.

How is the GMAT Scored?

The GMAT consists of four sections: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, integrated reasoning, and the analytic writing assessment. Each GMAT section yields an individual score range. The four sections have a unique set of questions and time limit, and students will receive penalties for failing to complete all the questions in a section. The range of points that test-takers can receive in each GMAT section is:

Quantitative Reasoning


Verbal Reasoning


Integrated Reasoning


Analytical Writing Assessment


Test-takers will also receive a Total (Composite) Score, comprised of the sub-scores for the Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections, which ranges between 200 and 800. The Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment sections, however, do not contribute to the total GMAT score.

Unlike the SAT or ACT, immediately after completing the 3.5-hour GMAT, students may preview their scoring results and decide whether to accept or cancel their scores. Test-takers will then receive an official score report containing:


Scores for each section of the exam


Scores from previous GMAT exams taken within the last five years


A student’s percentile ranking (how their scores rank compared to all other test-takers’ GMAT scores) for each GMAT exam

What is a Good GMAT Score?

Every graduate business school has a unique policy about how to use GMAT scores for admission decisions. Many graduate business programs will screen applicants by reviewing both GMAT scores and undergraduate GPA. Then, they will rank all applicants in the pool according to both criteria. So a “good” GMAT score truly is in the eye of the beholder as each MBA applicant holds different goals and aspirations.

With GMAT scores ranging between 200 and 800 points, the majority of test-takers see scores ranging between 400 and 600. At the top 10 business schools, the average scores for admitted candidates typically fall above the 85th percentile (~640). So depending on the MBA program, a “good” GMAT score may range anywhere from the high 500s to the mid-to-high 700s. Elite MBA programs, like Harvard or Wharton, require applicants to score above 720.

How Long Do GMAT Scores Last?

The GMAT routinely updates their examination to align with the competitive requirements set forth by graduate programs. Unfortunately, GMAT scores aren’t valid forever because a score from ten years ago may not apply to today’s MBA program requirements. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) – the organization responsible for creating and administering the GMAT – holds onto scores for up to ten years. But that doesn’t mean business school admission teams consider these GMAT scores valid. Most business schools will accept scores from any GMAT exam taken within the last five years. This five-year mark typically starts five years prior to a school’s application deadline. MBA applicants should also double-check the cutoff dates for programs accepting any old GMAT scores.

What makes Brentwood so Desirable for Families?

While some California towns deliver city experiences and others give country flair, Brentwood offers residents a sense of community. Whether you are a college student, a suburban parent, an aspiring entrepreneur, an adventurer seeker, or anything in between, Brentwood offers a charming place to re-plant your roots or start new ones.

Located close to LAX and Downtown L.A., over 32,000 citizens call Brentwood home. A clean and active place to live, Brentwood is filled with eclectic shopping areas, delicious restaurants, and tons of dog owners. Take your friends to get pizza at Pizzana or grab some post-work drinks at Bar Toscana. Unlike nearby Los Angeles, Brentwood boasts a more relaxed and slower-paced environment. However, thanks to Brentwood’s location, you are just miles away from the beach to the west and Downtown Los Angeles to the east.

Brentwood provides exemplary education with high quality elementary and high schools. Students of Brentwood belong to the Los Angeles Unified School District. They receive an exceptional, safe, and encouraging learning environment. You can enroll your child at one of seven public elementary schools (Brentwood Science, Brockton Avenue Elementary, Community Magnet Charter Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Kenter Canyon Elementary, McKinley Elementary or Nora Sterry Elementary) or Paul Revere Middle School. For teenagers, University Senior High School gives their students amazing opportunities and resources for them to pursue a higher quality education.

Enroll in Brentwood’s Top GMAT Prep Center

At Ivy Prep, our team sets ambitious but achievable goals and fosters test-taking confidence. Our GMAT tutors all scored in the 99th percentile and have at least three years of experience teaching advanced GMAT material to students. Ivy Prep is proud of our former students and the elite GMAT scores they’ve earned. Come join the ranks of other satisfied Ivy Prep MBA applicants by dialing (866) 266-0072 today. We look forward to helping you earn a higher GMAT Score.

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