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Few tutoring centers in the Los Angeles metro area can compare to the caliber of services offered at Ivy Prep. The success of our students is paramount to our core mission, and the level of personalized attention that our students receive is unmatched by our competitors. There is no higher quality of education to be found for a better value than Ivy Prep!

The GMAT is designed to test potential business school applicants’ abilities to solve complex problems, leverage available resources, and meet strict deadlines. As with any standardized test, tackling the GMAT requires a strategic approach and plenty of prep time. Through dedicated preparatory work, aspiring MBA students can boost GMAT scores by working with a trusted Ivy Prep tutor. Under the tutelage of our experienced GMAT instructors, students will master invaluable test-taking strategies, enhance all the necessary knowledge for the test, and secure a competitive score that will impress the top MBA programs in the nation.

What is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a demanding standardized test used by most business schools to appraise applications for admission. More specifically, the GMAT calibrates a test-taker’s mathematical, verbal, and analytical writing skills. Unlike other standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT, the GMAT is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT). A Computer Adaptive Test tailors the questions on the exam to effectively ascertain a candidate’s abilities to handle the intense coursework in MBA programs. The more questions answered correctly, the tougher the test will become. Conversely, the fewer questions answered correctly, the easier the questions will become.

Which GMAT Sections are Computer-Adaptive?

Only the Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections of the GMAT are computer-adaptive. Meanwhile, the analytical writing assessment requires test-takers to type responses into the computer. In the computer-adaptive sections, the screen displays one multiple-choice question at a time. The first question in each section is of medium difficulty, but each subsequent question varies in difficulty based on responses to the previous questions. In other words, the GMAT becomes more personalized because students will not encounter the same questions in the verbal and quantitative sections as other test-takers.

What Challenges Does a Computer-Adaptive Test Pose?

Since testing sites administer the GMAT on a computer, students must prepare for a multitude of challenges not present in traditional exams. After answering a question, students cannot return to rectify their responses. Moreover, test-takers may not skip any questions.

However, the computer format allows test-takers to type questions quicker, thereby providing a much-needed advantage in the Analytical Writing section. The test format also penalizes students who do not complete all the questions in each section, so students must answer each of the 31 Quantitative and 36 Verbal questions. Finally, GMAT Scores (excluding the Writing scores) will become available immediately after the exam concludes.

Earn Higher Scores with the Top GMAT Tutors in Los Angeles

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The Ivy Prep Difference

The tutors and instructors recruited for Ivy Prep hold unrivaled expertise and specialize in communicating material in a personalized, easy-to-digest manner, allowing for maximum understanding and retention. Ivy Prep’s Founder and Director personally meets with each staffer about each student in each program on a weekly or daily basis. Higher GMAT scores are just one phone call away. Dial (866) 266-0072 to schedule a consultation with the Ivy Prep team!

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