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Due to the surge in prospective MBA candidates over the last 5 to 10 years, gaining admissions to a top business school has become a hyper-competitive admissions process. Buttressed by more than 14 years of experience in the industry, Ivy Prep provides a structured class format to build the necessary skills, knowledge, and test strategies to achieve a superior GMAT score. Now more than ever, MBA candidates must achieve a GMAT score in the top percentiles to stand out from other well-qualified candidates. Guided by our passion for teaching, our Ivy Prep students demand the best, which is why we only hire the best GMAT tutors. Premier GMAT course content, flexible scheduling, and our excellent tutor matching are skillfully aligned with each student to ensure they achieve their maximum potential score. When future MBA students need effective strategies to raise their GMAT scores, Venice-based students turn to the expert team at Ivy Prep.

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How Much Time Do I Need to Prepare for the GMAT?

Earning a top-ranking score on the GMAT can mean the difference between attending a first-choice school or a safety school. The GMAT score is an important part of an MBA application, so test-takers must understand how the test works and how best to prepare for it.

The Graduate Management Admission Council, the group that administers the GMAT, recommends spending at least seven weeks studying for the test. But many students see this recommendation as too light and spend extra prep time to prepare for this admissions critical exam score. GMAT prep courses are an excellent option for students who are used to learning in a traditional environment. Students receive lectures from their instructor, participate in class discussions, complete homework assignments, and take practice tests.

As such, Ivy Prep recommends that students should start GMAT test prep six to eight months before applications are due. This will allow sufficient time to study, to potentially retake the exam if need be, and still complete the application materials before the deadline.

Is the GMAT Required for MBA Programs?

The GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admissions Test, an entrance exam used by hundreds of business schools across the nation as part of their admission decision-making process. The GMAT exam has proven invaluable, assisting admission officers in their selection decisions by demonstrating competency for future graduate-level coursework.

However, each year thousands of prospective MBA students attempt to waive the GMAT requirement due to the registration costs, impractical exam locations, or compressed work schedules impeding study time. While many schools require applicants to submit GMAT scores, several MBA programs do not require the scores including the University of Delaware, Northwestern University, the University of Southern California, and a few others. Moreover, many Executive MBA programs do not require the GMAT because they’re designed for active working professionals who have several years of managerial experience.

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The Top-Rated GMAT Tutors in Venice, CA

Ivy Prep has the talent, team, and resources to help Venice-based students generate top tier GMAT scores, which increase their probability of receiving an acceptance letter from their first-choice MBA program. Driven by proven GMAT practice exams and test-taking strategies, Ivy Prep will give students the confidence boost necessary to excel on the upcoming GMAT test. Our tutors are the best in Los Angeles and our prices are unmatched by any of our competition. Learn more about customized GMAT prep courses by calling (866) 266-0072 today!

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