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Welcome to Ivy Prep, the #1 test prep provider for premier GMAT tutoring in Century City, CA. Now in our 8th year, our GMAT approach is rigorous and comprehensive, motivating business school applicants to earn scores in the top 98th percentile. Students won’t spot a recycled approach at Ivy Prep because our GMAT tutors will formulate a personalized study plan tailored to each student’s strengths, goals, and weaknesses.

The GMAT helps graduate management programs assess applicants’ qualifications to meet the strenuous demands in the advanced coursework. A higher GMAT score helps distinguish candidates from the competitive applicant pool and earn that coveted acceptance letter. Enroll in Ivy Prep’s GMAT prep course today to claim a spot in an elite MBA program.

Can I Retake the GMAT?

While many students aim for a top-ranking GMAT score, admission experts agree that earning a score between 680 and 700 will impress most competitive MBA programs. It isn’t uncommon though for MBA-applicants to retake the GMAT after failing to meet a target score on their first attempt.

Preparing for a nerve-racking standardized test – especially the GMAT – requires ample time, dedication, resources, and money. GMAT test-takers, for example, must pay $250 every time they register for the exam. Even if test-takers have their fee waived for their first attempt at the GMAT, they will likely have to pay out of pocket for their second attempt. This makes finding an affordable test prep provider like Ivy Prep even more important.

Since thousands of students retake the GMAT each year, business schools will not penalize applicants with more than one set of GMAT scores. In fact, retaking the GMAT can demonstrate perseverance and a strong commitment to improvement. But keep in mind that retaking the GMAT only pays off when test-takers see a noticeable score improvement. According to a Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) report, GMAT test-takers saw a net increase of roughly 31 points on subsequent tries.

How Many Times Can I Retake the GMAT?

While test-takers can certainly retake the GMAT, they must follow strict guidelines. Students may retake the exam up to five times in a 12-month period, and only once within a 16-day period.

A high GMAT score is one of the most critical components in an MBA candidate’s application. While the GMAT is only one component of many that MBA admission officers use to evaluate candidates, a high GMAT score increases the likelihood of admission or even an interview invitation. So, if a student feels ready to retake the GMAT and can commit to improving their GMAT scores, they will want to invest in a high-quality GMAT study program to address any weaknesses and reinforce their strengths.

Can I reschedule my GMAT?

Students can reschedule a GMAT appointment more than seven days in advance of the appointment time for a $50 fee. Additionally, students may also cancel a GMAT appointment for more than seven days in advance for a $170 fee. If test-takers cancel or reschedule within seven days of an appointment, they will forfeit the full $250 test registration fee.

Learn From the Top GMAT Tutors in Century City, CA

Best known as a business district and neighborhood tucked into Los Angeles, Century City is a bustling jungle of skyscrapers. With a small population of only 5,850, Century City is perfect for young professionals looking to jumpstart their careers. Century City residents experience a similar culture found in the Los Angeles area. With busier streets, high-end living, tall apartment buildings, and luxury companies, living costs are a bit higher than in other parts of Los Angeles. Still, you won’t find a safer, more accessible neighborhood than the tight-knit communities in Century City.

Get ready to delight your taste buds when you visit the famous Fox Plaza, which was featured in accredited films like Die Hard, Fight Club, and others. If you get a break from work, pop out to Century City’s many bars and restaurants where you can grab a delicious bite at The Cellar Bar and Grill or enjoy the freshest dishes at Clementine.

When it comes to schools, there are only two schools located directly in Century City. Here, you can enroll your student in Temple Isaiah Preschool and Kindergarten or Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles, a private French elementary school. While the options are limited in Century City’s actual district, several other public institutions serve the community. Elementary-aged kids learn and grow at Fairburn Avenue Elementary, right outside of Century City. Teenage students will attend Beverly Hills High School, a top-rated school that gives students a nurturing environment to learn and the ability to take Advanced Placement courses to prepare them for secondary education.

At Ivy Prep, we only recruit the absolute best GMAT tutors and educators in Los Angeles and we offer them to our clients at lower rates than any of the other top-tier education companies in the city. All of our educators have at least three years of experience, several have more than ten years, and many also hold either Masters or Doctoral degrees.

Ivy Prep takes great pride in motivating MBA applicants from Century City, Los Angeles, and the surrounding towns to achieve higher GMAT scores. Don’t let the GMAT prevent you from reaching your goals and aspirations. Come join the growing ranks of successful Ivy Prep business school candidates by dialing (866) 266-0072.

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