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What Questions Appear in the GMAT’s Quantitative Section?

Consisting of 31 questions and lasting 62 minutes, the Quantitative section on the GMAT measures a test-taker’s ability to reason mathematically, solve quantitative problems, and interpret graphic data. This section is a computer-adaptive test, meaning that questions become more difficult for every correct answer submitted. Each question is presented as a multiple-choice question with five answer choices. After completing a question, students cannot go back to review it or change the answer.

There are two types of GMAT math questions: Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency.

Data Sufficiency-based questions measure a student’s ability to analyze a quantitative problem, recognize which data is relevant, and determine at what point there is sufficient data to solve the problem. These questions present students with two sets of information. Students must then determine whether the statements provide sufficient data to answer the question. Test-takers don’t have to solve the problem but rather indicate whether one or both statements provide “sufficient data.”

Meanwhile, Problem Solving-based questions measure the ability to use logic and analytical reasoning to solve quantitative problems. Test-takers will solve the question by choosing the best of five answer choices. The key here is to clearly understand the questions and avoid trick answers.

What Types of Math Appear on the GMAT’s Quantitative Section?

While the quantitative section appears intimidating, the questions only require a basic high school understanding of quantitative concepts. The main skills students need to answer both question types involve arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and word problems.


Arithmetic Concepts:

properties of integers, percentages, fractions, decimals, real numbers, and ratio and proportion


Geometry Concepts:

lines, angles, polygons, circles, triangles, and quadrilaterals


Algebra Concepts:

algebraic expressions, linear equations, exponents, solving inequalities, and functions


Word Problem Concepts:

rate, measurement, data interpretation, profit, discounts, and interest

These questions will emphasize test-takers’ fundamental understanding of mathematical concepts, although a basic understanding of mathematical procedures is required for success.

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Located West of Los Angeles and right next to Venice Beach, the world’s largest man-made harbor is a safe area for nautical lovers. Marina Del Rey only encompasses 800 acres, but what the town lacks in size, it makes up for in experiences. Adventures or loungers alike are suitable for this quaint, sunny port-town.

Being that close to the water, you can enjoy endless amounts of fresh seafood in Marina Del Rey as most restaurants offer patio seating overlooking the water and sunsets. Top-rated eateries include the Salt Restaurant and Bar, Tony P’s Dockside Grill, and Killer Shrimp. With all the delicious food, you may want to walk off your meal alongside the sandy beaches of Venice Beach or Santa Monica. These outdoor playgrounds are great for relaxing or enjoying a workout with a view. Marina Del Rey’s beaches can be a great escape to catch a tan or a day out with your children. Boat lovers enjoy taking a ride on a yacht charter to explore the waves and maybe catch a glimpse of a dolphin or two. Marina Del Rey is also close to cities like Los Angeles in case you want a change of pace.

Served by the Los Angeles Unified School District, this beach town has three preschools, one elementary school, and one middle school directly in the area. The elementary and middle school are highly diverse and have a student-teacher ratio of 19:1. Being a safe town, Marina Del Rey is ideal for young students to grow in a safe and close-knit environment. The Catholic high school is on the smaller side, providing closer relationships with staff as they prepare students well for the transition from high school to college.

Students wishing to expand their knowledge through an elite team of tutors have come to the right place. Discover a better way to prepare for the GMAT with help from Ivy Prep. If you’re ready for higher GMAT scores, dial (866) 266-0072 to schedule a consultation with the Ivy Prep Education team.

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