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Due to the hyper-competitive landscape for business school admissions, MBA applicants need to impress admissions officers by securing a GMAT score in the 98th percentile. Like any other standardized test, beating the GMAT requires constant studying and a detailed action plan. To meet the growing demands of MBA candidates in Santa Monica, Ivy Prep now offers a 100% customized GMAT curriculum to supercharge scores. Driven by a passion for teaching and bolstered by more than 14 years of industry experience, Ivy Prep will instill the skills and study habits needed to achieve a superior GMAT score and enhance an application to the nation’s most prestigious graduate business schools.

What is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)?

A Computer Adaptive Test customizes the questions presented during the GMAT exam to effectively gauge a candidate’s abilities. Rather than relying on the traditional paper-and-pencil format, the GMAT can harness technology to provide a more valid, reliable, secure, and shorter test. Currently, only the Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections of the test are computer-adaptive in the GMAT examination.

Rather than most typical standardized tests, which seek to quantify the number of questions answered correctly, the GMAT pinpoints a test-takers ability level. The more questions answered correctly, the tougher the GMAT questions will become. Conversely, fewer questions answered correctly will result in easier questions.

What Types of Questions Appear on the Verbal Section of the GMAT?

As the fourth section on the GMAT, the verbal section tests a student’s ability to read and understand written material, to evaluate arguments, and to correct sentences so that they align with standard English practices. During the GMAT Verbal section, test-takers will have 65 minutes to answer 36 multiple-choice questions broken into three basic question types: Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction. Furthermore, the GMAT verbal test is computerized and adaptive, which means questions will become increasingly difficult for each correct answer submitted.


GMAT Reading Comprehension Section

(13-14 questions)

The reading comprehension questions test the ability to understand, analyze, and apply information and concepts presented in written form. These questions are designed to show business schools how well test-takers understand written material. Test-takers will read a selection and then answer a batch of questions surrounding the content, tone, main idea, and structure of the passage.


GMAT Critical Reasoning Component

(9-10 questions)

Critical Reasoning requires test-takers to evaluate and understand the nature of various arguments, through identifying their conclusions, supporting evidence, and underlying assumptions. These questions are designed to show business schools how well MBA candidates can present and defend information.

GMAT Sentence Correction

(12-13 questions)

Sentence Correction questions present test-takers with a sentence that may or may not contain a grammatical error or word usage error to demonstrate the test-taker’s ability to present a clear, concise, and grammatically correct argument. Students will have to select the choice that is free from mistakes and exhibits the greatest clarity and coherence.

Tailored GMAT Prep Courses in Santa Monica, CA

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The Ivy Prep Difference

Ivy Prep’s renowned GMAT coaches and instructors hold expertise in a range of subjects in education and psychology. Our tutors, who all scored in the 99th percentile and have at least three years of experience teaching GMAT material to students, deploy a combination of different test prep methods that ensure GMAT success. Don’t let the GMAT prevent you from reaching your goals and aspirations. Come join the roster of successful Ivy Prep business school candidates by dialing (866) 266-0072.

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