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Welcome to Ivy Prep, the leading source for GMAT preparation in West Los Angeles. After opening our doors in 2013, Ivy Prep now partners with schools and institutions around West Los Angeles, having implemented nearly twenty proprietary programs for the GMAT, SAT, ACT, and other college entrance exams. Taken by thousands of students each year, the GMAT is a crucial obstacle standing between students and a top 50 MBA program. With current acceptance rates at a record-low, a strong GMAT score is sure to catch an admission officer’s attention.

The mere mention of the GMAT can kick a student’s stress levels into overdrive. For this reason, Ivy Prep always begins with a meeting with each new student to assess his or her ability and skill set, including organization, motivation, focus, and testing confidence. This exhaustive analysis allows our team to help West L.A. students develop more effective strategies to address the advanced subject material on the GMAT. As admissions officers at competitive business schools continue to be overwhelmed by a rapidly growing applicant pool, now more than ever, MBA candidates must earn a top GMAT score to stay ahead of the competition.

What is the Integrated Reasoning Section on the GMAT?

Originally launched in June 2012, the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section is relatively new to the GMAT, as it replaced one of the two analytical essay questions. The GMAT Integrated Reasoning section tests the MBA candidates’ ability to interpret, analyze, and evaluate verbal and quantitative information presented in a variety of business-related formats.

The Integrated Reasoning section “integrates” all the existing sections together into multi-part questions. Students will interpret graphs, pull information from various sources, sort tables, and must demonstrate their ability to think critically about logical dilemmas. Test-takers must answer all 12 questions within the 30 minutes devoted to this section. The breakdown of the question types that test-takers will encounter is:

Graphic Interpretation (~2-3 questions)
Two-Part Analysis (~3-4 questions)
Table Analysis (~1-2 questions)
Multi-Source Reasoning (~2-3 questions)
Since there is no partial credit, MBA applicants must answer all parts correctly to receive credit for that question.

What Types of Questions Appear on the GMAT’s Integrated Reasoning Section?

Designed to test student’s data analysis skills, four different question types appear in the Integrated Reasoning section: Graphics Interpretation, Two-Part Analysis, Table Analysis, and Multi-Source Reasoning.


Graphical Interpretation

this question type measures an MBA candidate’s ability to decipher the information presented in a visual format such as graphs, charts, and tables to discern relationships and make inferences. The types of graphs can vary widely, from Venn diagrams to bar charts, line graphs, and several other types of graphs.


Multi-Source Reasoning

this question type measures a student’s ability to synthesize data from multiple sources. In most cases, the questions relate to Critical Reasoning, but may also be a quantitative question. Following the question, there are either multiple-choice or yes-no type questions (or both) pertaining to the data presented in the three tabs.


Two-Part Analysis

When encountering these question types, students must extract information from a couple of inter-dependent components. These questions measure a student’s ability to solve complex problems, whether quantitative, verbal, or a combination of both. Two-Part Analysis questions consist of a few lines of text and instructions to select choices in a table based on the given information


Table Analysis

Students must demonstrate an ability to differentiate between useful and non-useful data presented in the form of a sortable table. Each Table Analysis question includes a table with data often with a short accompanying text, and three questions pertaining to the information presented. The three questions will all be yes-no, true-false, or some other variation of a 50-50 choice.

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